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Happy Pigs Make Happy Meat?

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

A year ago a friend sent me a link to an online essay. I was swamped at the time, but the title, Happy Pigs Make Happy Meat?, intrigued me so I scanned the first paragraph…

An hour later, I’d poured through a dozen essays, all written by Bob Comis. I was stunned by what he’d written—and deeply moved. I called my dear friend & cinematographer Joe Brunette, who agreed that Bob’s story was one that should be told.

I finally managed to track down Bob and asked if he might allow us to document the transition he was about to make. He made no promises… but he did agree to meet with us.

On a beautiful day in May, we drove to Bob’s farm in upstate New York … and The Last Pig was born.


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