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Crash Emmy Nomination

We’ve just gotten news that CRASH: a Tale of Two Species has been nominated for a National Emmy!

Kudos to cinematographers Michael Male and Andy Young (with additional shots by Chris Szwedo). The cinematographers struggled to capture the images, working out of tents in extremely tough locations (Tierra del Fuego at the tip of South America and in the Canadian Arctic). This is wonderful news and a well-deserved honor!

Back in the States, having recently completed FROGS: The Thin Green Line, ArgoFilms is currently in development, dreaming up intriguing new concepts for the next important film. Stay tuned...

Allison is headed to Houston for a special screening of FROGS: The Thin Green Line to be presented by Houston PBS at the Houston Zoo. Edgardo Griffith from the EVAC Center in Panama will also be appearing!

The Thin Green Line had special screenings recently at the American Embassy in London, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.


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