Wisdom of the Wild

Wisdom of the Wild is a journey into the primal contract between creature and human. The innate wisdom of animals is profound and often hard to explain. Their understanding of the world predates our own, and carries with it extraordinary abilities to heal, communicate, and transform our lives.

Deep within the African jungle a traditional medicine man observes a troop of chimpanzees and their use of medicinal plants… on a ranch in Colorado an abused child is learning the meaning of trust through lessons learned from horses… in Kenya orphaned elephants have taught a conservationist the meaning of family, forever changing her life. Nature holds a precious store of wisdom we're just beginning to understand.

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From ArgoFilm's "Wisdom of the Wild" comes the moving story of Daphne Sheldrick and her elephant orphanage. This documentary was produced for PBS' Nature Series.

Elephant Orphans - Wisdom of the Wild



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Producer, Writer & Director
Allison Argo

Allison Argo

Malvina Anderson Martin

Robert Zakin

Keith Brust
Rich Lerner
Robert Poole
Buddy Squires

Music Composer
David Barkley

Production Manager
Deborah London-Harrington

Production Associate
Hilary Sparrow

Sound Recordists
David Ruddick
George Shafnacker

Assistant Camera
Malvina Anderson Martin
William B. McCullough
Doug O’Kane

Zoe Purcell, Greystoke Ltd.
Janice Beatty, Nature Conservation Films
Viewfinders Ltd.

Additional Cinematography
David Goulding

Additional Music
Todd Hahn

Bug Wrangler
Mace Vaughan

Swahili Translation
Jefferson Aramu

Production Assistants
John Waweru
Tarina Reed

Online Editor
Vicky Braden

Sound Design & Mix
David Hurley

David Markun

Stock Footage & Still Photographs
Thomas M. Butler
Nick Caloyianis Productions
Linda Koebner
National Archives
Oxford Scientific Films Ltd.
Simon Trevor
The WPA Film Library

Special Thanks
Mali Mungu
Tanzania National Parks
Mahale Mountains National Park
Kyoto University Primate Research Inst.
Tanzania Wildlife Research Inst.
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