The Secret Life of Cats

The cat has dethroned the dog as the most popular pet in the Western world, but has our passion for these creatures also blinded us to their natural instincts? Felis catus is hard-wired to hunt. With our love and protection, this predator has gained a competitive edge against which few creatures can contend.

The Secret Life of Cats takes a whimsical but tough look at the darker side of our feline companions and their impact on wildlife throughout the world.


From the county parks of Miami to the outback of Australia, domestic cats and their feral cousins are stalking some creatures to the brink of extinction. In the time it takes to watch this film, cats in the US alone will catch as many as 100,000 small mammals and more than 300,000 birds. "It's 9pm. Do you know where your kitty is?"

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Meet Missy, an extraordinary huntress. The British Mammal Society launched a survey to find out just how much wildlife domestic cats kill...and their findings were shocking! From the Emmy Award-winning film THE SECRET LIFE OF CATS, produced, written, directed and narrated by Allison Argo.



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Producer, Writer, Director, & Narrator
Allison Argo

Associate Producer
Tria Thalman

Keith Brust
John Davey
Dave Goulding
Jordan Kline Jr.
Chris Openshaw
Erish Roland
Adrian Warren

Mickey Green

Music Composition

Neil Kingsbury
Len Schmitz
Mark Weber

Assistant Camera
Lawrence Dodds
Nick Gardner
Brett Wiley

Cat Trainers
Miriam Field, Training Unlimited
A1 Animals, UK

Cat Costumes
Susan Cologne

Production Coordinators
Vicki Harris, Piper films (Australia)
Brenda Van Ness (Virginia)

Production Assistants
Vicky Mathews
Cara Biega

Edit Box
Vicky Branden

Supervising Producer
Kathryn Pasternak

Executive Producers
Keenan Smart
Michael Rosenfeld

Special Thanks
Nick Stringer
The Cat Network
Dept. of Conservation, New Zealand
Earth Sanctuaries, LTD.
Australia Parks & Wildlife Commission, Arid Zone Research Institute
Central Land Council & Traditional Aboriginal Owners
Cats Assistance to Sterilize Inc, Australia
Ting Tang II, Newt & Rush, Crocket, Freddy, Nippy, Diddles, and Missy