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Their empire stretched from Ecuador all the way to Chile. Only 40,000 strong, they ruled ten million subjects and created one of history's greatest civilizations. But with one quick blow, the Spanish brought this mighty Empire to it's knees. It is one of the most dramatic and poignant stories in history.

Unfortunately, the drama unfolding today is as disturbing as that which played out 500 years ago.


As archeologists struggle to understand and preserve what remains of a great culture, tomb looters and the forces of "progress" are pushing it ever closer to extinction. Across Peru, the past is colliding with the future as the demands of a growing population threaten to destroy its precious heritage.

From high atop remote Andean peaks to just below a dusty shantytown on the outskirts of Lima, archeologists are racing against time to preserve the legacy left by their ancestors.


Producer, Writer, & Director
Allison Argo

Field Producer
Malvina Martin

Catherine Shields

Mark Adler

Director of Photography
Andrew Young

Associate Producer, Post Production
Amanda Karrh

Executive Producer
Michael Rosenfeld

Supervising Producer
Chris Sondreal

Vise President, Development
Maryanne Culpepper

Assistant Camera
Gonzalo Tapia

Guillermo Palacios

Additional Photography
Juan Duran

Production Assistance
Tino Aucca
Mario Vildosola Benavente
David Espejo
Enrique Tapia Valenzuela
Manu Expeditions

Production Managers
Tawanda Morris
Sharon Parbs

Production Coordinator
Michelle Madden Smith

Location Fixer
Ana Mari Pomareda

Props, Costumes, & Stylists
Maxi Holland, Tambo Treks
Orana Velarde
Carla Gozzer Lanchippa

Art & Animation
Yeorgos Lampathakis

Director, Post Production
Chico Arnaldo-Guizar

Post Production Manager
Leanne Danielson

Film Research
Jill Leger

Dave Markun

Online Editor
Joe Bridgers

Sound Design/Mixer
David Hurley

National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence
Johan Reinhard

For the Expeditions
Dr. Guillermo A. Cock
Peter Frost
Dr. Scott Gorush

Archival Footage
Getty Images
Johan Reinhard

Special Thanks
Instituto Nacional De Cultura, Cusco
Instituto Nacional De Cultura, Lima
Elvira Velasquez, Embassy of Peru
David Canal Onton
Ann Kendall & the Cusichaca Trust
Stella Nair
Justo Zavaleta
Luis Gibaja
Javier Lambarri Oriheula
Luis Felipe Villacorpa
Community of Tupac Amaru
Town of Ollantaytambo

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