9/11: Where Were You?

September 11, 2001 was a day of courage and survival, of near-misses and profound loss.  Ordinary people were drawn into a drama and cast in roles they’d never asked to play.  Amidst the shock and chaos, decisions had to made – decisions that would affect not only one’s own life, but often the lives of others.  Thousands of personal moments spin the harrowing fabric of 9/11.

The stories within this film offer an intimate glimpse into that fateful day and how it reshaped life as we once knew it.


Ten years later, the shock waves continue to be felt and the stories live on: lives are being rebuilt; perfect strangers have become friends, sharing bonds that will never be broken; and 9/11’s heroes are still fighting for their lives...

From a blind computer specialist on the 71st floor of the North Tower saved by his beloved guide dog, to the rescue worker whose heroic acts have left him with a life-threatening illness, the characters in this film are all heroes.

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From Allison Argo's film "9/11: Where Were You?" for National Geographic, the story of Omar and his beloved guide dog Salty is a powerful testament to the love and trust between two old friends. Blind from an early age, Omar was on the 71st floor of the World Trade Center when American flight #11 slammed into the North Tower.




Producer, Director, Writer, & Editor
Allison Argo

Director of Photography
Andrew Young

Associate Producer
Lacy Clark

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Loretta Edwards Wilson
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Mark Ward
Anna Staker
William Ward

Production Assistants
Edward Perkins
Maureen Dolan-Galaviz
Jeremy Zipple
Paul Lehmkuhl

Special Thanks
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