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In addition to filmmaking, Allison Argo is a gifted communicator and motivational speaker who has inspired audiences around the world. She brings vitality and insight into her presentations, which she augments with compelling video from her award-winning films. Whether speaking to a roomful of professionals or an auditorium of thousands, Argo has the uncanny ability to reach every member of the audience,     from nine to ninety.  Below are three of Argo's most popular themes.


With over 20 years of production experience, Argo is recognized as one of the leaders in Natural History filmmaking. She has shared her extensive film experiences with students, professionals and general audiences globally. Her anecdotes and film clips personalize the filmmaking process, from conception through the final note of the musical score, balancing technology with the magic of storytelling. Whether combing the underbelly of Bangkok, searching for frogs in the rainforest or funding her latest vision, Argo's diverse adventures never cease to entertain, educate and inspire.


Turning vision into reality has been a key component in Argo’s personal journey. Equally important is her mission to make a difference. Dedicated to helping others discover their own unique vision and then use it to better the world around them, Argo     offers tools, guidelines and tales of inspiration to motivate the broadest audience.


Argo is passionate about instilling respect for the natural world.  Her talks inspire the listener to find the value in every living thing and to understand the interconnectedness between all species. Building on the themes of her award-winning films, Argo’s presentations inspire tolerance and compassion for all creatures and a deeper understanding of the planet we share.


American Embassy, London, England – guest filmmaker
National Geographic Society – featured filmmaker 
Smithsonian Institute, National Zoo, Washington, DC – guest speaker
California Academy of Sciences - San Francisco, CA – guest filmmaker
DC Environmental Film Festival - special presentation 2014
Natural History Museum, Cape Cod 2014
DuMond Conservancy, Miami, Florida - keynote speaker
KERA Public Television & Dallas Zoo, Dallas, TX – guest speaker
Jackson Hole, Wyoming - guest speaker
Japan Wildlife Film Festival – featured filmmaker and speaker
Urban-TV International Festival, Madrid, Spain – featured filmmaker
North Carolina School of the Arts – featured filmmaker and speaker
George Washington University, Washington, DC - guest teacher
University of Bratislava, Slovakia - guest speaker
Wheeler School, Providence, RI - guest speaker
Falmouth Academy, Falmouth, MA - guest speaker
National Audubon Society, Wellfleet, MA – guest speaker
Wisconsin Lakes Partnership Convention - guest speaker