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Meet Lou

Film Project: 


  • Umbrella Cockatoo
  • Male
  • Age: Unknown
  • Location: Hope Valley, Rhode Island


Lou was found by an Animal Control officer in an abandoned house outside of Boston.  He was left behind when the house was foreclosed on.  Before he was discovered, Lou was alone for four days – with only a small bowl of water and bit of dog food.

In the Wild:

  • Umbrella cockatoos get their common name from their large, feathered crest, which they raise when alarmed, excited, curious, or frightened.  The crest also plays a role in attracting a mate.
  • They’re extremely inquisitive and bright, and have been known to use tools, such a branch to scratch their backs.
  • They are found only on the North Maluku islands of Indonesia.
  • They feed mainly on fruit, but also insects, nuts and seeds.
  • Umbrella cockatoos are usually seen in pairs, although groups of up to 50 may roost together at night.
  • They are thought to be monogamous, with bonds lasting a lifetime. throughout their lives. During incubation, both the male and female sit on the eggs.
  • In the wild, their numbers are declining. They are listed as a “Vulnerable Species.”