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Meet Geoffrey

Film Project: 


  • Scarlet Macaw
  • Male
  • Age: 1 ½ years-old
  • Location: Punta Islita, Costa Rica


Geoffrey came into the world at the ARA Project in Central Costa Rica. His mother was an ex-pet and his father was poached from the wild. When his mother abandoned her eggs, Geoffrey had to be raised in an incubator. When Geoffrey is old enough, he will be released to the wild. Until then, he is being taught all the things that he will need to know to survive as a wild macaw.  
To see video of Geoffrey, click here!

In the Wild:

  • Geoffrey’s subspecies, Ara Macao Cyanoptera, is listed as “Threatened with Extinction.”  Due to collection for the pet trade (and more recently, habitat loss) their numbers have been desimated.
  • Scarlet macaws are usually seen in pairs or small family groups, which may join together in small flocks.
  • Canopy feeders, their diet consists of fruits, seeds, nuts, flowers, nectar, bark and leaves. Their powerful wings can carry them 50 miles in a day.
  • Scarlet macaws nest in large cavities, high in tall trees. The young hatch after approx. 26 days and fledge at roughly 14 weeks.
  • Scarlet macaws can be long-lived, with a lifespan of more than 60 years.