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Meet Fagan

Film Project: 


  • African Grey
  • Male
  • Age:  unknown (25+)
  • Location: Milan, Michigan


When Fagan’s owners passed away, Marie Crowley took Fagan in. He lived in a smoke-filled house for nearly 25 years and has had many medical problems as a result. With the support of an avian veterinarian, Marie helped Fagan through nicotine withdrawal. She’s now trying to help with his behavioral issues. Fagan loves Marie, is partial to reggae music, and likes to identify colors. 

In the Wild

  • Native to West and Central Africa, African Grey Parrots often flock together in large groups.
  • They are expert linguists and have been documented imitating the calls of other birds and mammals in the wild.
  • They nest in the natural hollows of large, old trees – which are favored by the timber industry.  
  • Prized for their intelligence and language skills, they are being captured at an alarming rate. In only nine years 359,000 wild-caught birds were exported from Africa. The species is listed as “Threatened.”