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Meet Basil

Film Project: 


  • Yellow-naped Amazon
  • Male
  • Age: 26
  • Location: Hopkinton, Massachusetts


Basil was taken from the wild as a chick in Honduras in 1987.  He was shipped to a quarantine station in Florida--probably with other chicks, many of whom would not have survived. It’s estimated that 70% of wild-caught parrots died before ever reaching the pet store. Basil survived the odds and finally landed in Massachusetts. To see video of Basil, click here!

In the Wild:  

  • Yellow-naped Amazons can be found from southern Mexico to northern Costa Rica.
  • Many populations are dwindling due to pressures from the pet trade and habitat destruction.
  • The species is listed as “Threatened.”
  • Yellow-naped amazons are excellent linguists (both in the wild and captivity). This natural ability has led them do be a favored "pet" worldwide. 
  • Though they sleep together in large “roosts,” they form deep pair bonds.  The mates are almost always together and bonded pairs tend to fly side by side while traveling. They preen one another during rest periods and sleep in close contact.