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THE LAST PIG is a intmate journey into the life of a pig farmer as he grapples with death, searches for compassion, and finally finds the courage to change.

For over a decade, Bob Comis has provided a humane - even idyllic - life for the pigs he farms. But as he tends to his charges, he develops a closeness that begins to haunt him, and his weekly trips to the slaughterhouse become agonizing.

With 250 pigs on the farm, Comis suddenly finds himself trapped by his past. Through his personal journey, THE LAST PIG raises crucial questions about equality, the sanctity of life, and the value of compassion. Comis' soul-baring narrative carries us through his final year of farming pigs, the struggle to reinvent his life... and the ghosts that will haunt him forever.

Under the direction of six-time Emmy winner, Allison Argo and shot by cinemtogapher Joseph Brunette, production has been underway since summer of 2014. We are currently seeking funds in order to complete the last phase of shooting and begin the edit. Target completion is December 2015. All donations are tax deductible.

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