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The Last Frog

Most of us haven't given our amphibious friends much thought since a long-ago twilight when we chased them across a muddy river bank... But today's frogs need all the help they can get if they're to leap forward into the next millennium.
Over the past decade, dozens of species have mysteriously vanished. Like the canary in a coal mine, some believe their curious disappearance might be a harbinger of a much greater environmental disaster soon to follow...
THE LAST FROG is a love letter to the frog - and a strange and unnerving murder mystery. Starring our amphibious friends, the drama is supported by a cast of scientific experts and devotees frantically trying to unravel the disturbing puzzle behind the curious decline of frogs.
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National Emmy Award

Jackson Hole International Wildlife Film Festival Award

Japan International Wildlife Film Festival Award

Missoula International Wildlife Film Festival 
Best of Festival

Earthwatch Award

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