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Keepers of the Wild

Keepers of the Wild explores the complex relationship between captive animals and those who care for them. For animals in captivity, keepers are a lifeline - many have worked for decades with the individuals they've come to love and regard as friends. They work within an imperfect system, offering comfort and protection to those who have come to depend on them.

From Belize to Atlanta, Kenya to the Isle of Jersey, many of the keepers in the film care for animals that are now on the endangered species list. Most would like to see their charges return to the wild - but they realize that the natural world is under siege.
As wild habitat gives way to our ever-expanding human population, the line between captive and wild has become more and more blurred. Andy Lodge, a former zookeeper, who now works with the Ngare Sergoi Rhino Sanctuary in Kenya muses, "It would be a very lonely place without the animals... Now everybody pretty much has to be a keeper."
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National Emmy - Directing

Christopher Columbus Award

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